Friday, March 23, 2012

What is XNA?

Software Engineer

XNA is a game development framework created for the amateur game developers on the Microsoft platforms (i.e. Windows XP/Vista/7, etc) which neatly wraps the functionality of Direct X and the networking game development features available on the XBox 360 in a .NET library.

XNA currently requires that the client install additional .NET libraries to access these features.  But once installed the framework allows developers to publish titles which operate on the XBox 360, Windows Desktop and Windows Mobile platforms (this includes the Zune).

What does XNA stand for?  Well according to one source it stands for XBox New Architecture.  If you'd like to know more, you can visit Wikipedia.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Senior Software Engineer

As a professional software engineer and architect, I've been developing world class desktop and enterprise solutions for businesses small and large for nearly 20 years.
I've helped startup companies grow their businesses to the next level and lead multi-billion dollar companies through years of annual technology challenges to realize new and exciting service offerings such as digital on demand feature length entertainment over the internet to your desktop and portable devices and commercial quality gaming entertainment such as Super Street Fighter II Championship Edition and MegaMan X.

I'm now offering my wealth of experience and knowledge to the masses and developing independently on a part-time and contract basis for those who are now beginning to embrace a new world of social media and personal web-stie development on the internet.

Corporate America has changed dramatically in the last 15 years as I've watched e-Commerce grow from it's very infant stages back in the mid-90s to the every day internet commerce that is common today.

I'm currently looking for all employment opportunities including full-time, part-time and contract business. I'm especially interested in startup ventures looking for technology leaders and established companies needing technology experts to maintain and grow their business.

Please give me a call if I can be of assistance. My number is 562-388-5129. For my resume and work history / experience please refer to my professional profile on LinkedIn.

Professional Resume for Robert Butler on LinkedIn